We help people put on a great show.

Putting on a show is the kind of thing we help make happen in the world. Putting on a show may mean a lot of technique and details and mechanics, but the technique and details and mechanics are driving toward the moment that kid sits there with their heart pumping and their face glowing, or the moment the band comes back out for their second encore and that group of friends has had one of the best nights of their lives. We make that happen.

Putting on a show is a big tent. Theaters put on a show. Bands put on a show. Churches put on a show. Visual artists put on a show in a gallery. When you’re making a movie, you’re putting on a show (and recording it live). People put on shows for each other. Sometimes the show is high art and sometimes it's worshipping God and sometimes it's a night out to hear someone crack jokes and sometimes your daughter’s in dance class and shares what she’s been learning. We work on shows to be together for something special, and we love helping people do that in ways they couldn’t before.

Meet the team.