Frequently Asked Questions

Does Go Button work on iPad?

Yes! Go Button 3 is a universal app. Buy it once, and install it on all of your iOS devices.

Will I hear email notifications and other sounds during my show?

Yes, you will... so be sure to set your device to Airplane Mode with WiFi turned off before starting your show.

Go Button does everything it can to minimize interruptions, as much as Apple allows. For example, Go Button’s audio session causes all audio from other apps to stop playing when you open a Show in the player. Nevertheless, apps cannot prevent system audio from playing; Go Button cannot silence your iPhone ringtone if you receive a call or iMessage during a show.

For this reason, we recommend running your shows in Airplane Mode with WiFi turned off. This almost always eliminates the chance of system sounds interrupting your show. Airplane mode also helps to conserve your battery.

Can I move a Show that I created between my iPad and my iPhone/iPod touch?

Yes, Shows can be moved between devices freely.

Does Go Button support my remote control?

Go Button supports iOS-compatible remote controls, Bluetooth keyboards, and Bluetooth accessories that appear as keyboards, such as the AirTurn "Digit" line of remotes and BT-106 pedals. Remote commands are mapped by default to certain Go Button actions. The Configure Remote Control screen in the Sidebar allows you to set which Go Button actions are assigned to each of your remote's commands.

Does Go Button work with Audio Ape remotes?

Yes. We have worked closely with the Audio Ape team, and they have many customers using their remotes with Go Button.

With the exception of Volume Up/Down, all of the remaining Audio Ape buttons trigger iOS remote control commands that can be mapped to custom actions in the Go Button "Configure Remote Control" screen. The Volume Up/Down buttons directly control your iOS device's hardware volume, and as such, those 2 buttons cannot be assigned to perform different actions.

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Does Go Button work with AirTurn BT-106 pedals?

Yes. Set your AirTurn to Mode 3 - Tablet. For more information, see the BT-106 User Manual at

The BT-106 in Mode 3 transmits arrow keys, which are mapped by default to GO, Pause/Resume Show, Select Prev Cue, and Select Next Cue. These mappings can be changed in Configure Remote Control.

What audio formats does Go Button support?

Go Button supports playback of DRM-free WAV, AIFF, AIFC, M4A, AAC, MP3, MOV, CAF, 3GP, and MPEG4 audio. On iOS 11, you can also play FLAC audio files.

Does sharing a Show include all of the audio files too?

When you share a Show from the Home screen, you can select whether or not to include the audio files that your Show uses.

Choosing the option Send a Copy of Show... shares only your Show’s .gobutton file. This file is very small and easy to email because it does not contain any of your audio files.

Choosing the option Send a Show Bundle (with Audio)... creates a .gobundle file to share. In addition to containing your Show information, this file also contains copies of all of the audio files that your Show uses from your Documents folder. Please note that Go Button cannot export tracks that are in your iTunes Music Library. You will need to sync those tracks separately to any other devices to run your Show.

How many Cues can Go Button play at the same time?

We haven’t found a limit yet in any practical playback situation.

The audio engine manages how many active channels it requires at any one time and frees up system resources as needed.

If you experience performance issues, try using uncompressed audio formats such as WAV or AIFF. These formats do not need to be decoded by the CPU which allows Go Button to direct more power toward playback.

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