Working With Remote Controls

Using a wireless remote control gives you the freedom to run sound for your own show right from your pocket.

iOS-native Remote Controls

Go Button supports iOS native remote controls, including Bluetooth remotes that support the Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). We make every effort to support all remotes that adhere to Apple's standards, but it is nearly impossible to guarantee compatibility with every single remote available.

A useful, simple test to determine if a particular remote will work with Go Button is to try using it with the iOS Music app. If Music responds to your remote, then Go Button should respond to it as well.

You can customize Go Button's responses to your remote, but the default behavior is as follows:

iOS remote command Default Go Button action
Toggle Play/Pause GO
Play GO
Pause Pause/Resume Show
Stop Panic Show
Next Track Select Next Cue
Previous Track Select Previous Cue
Volume Up/Down Device Volume Up/Down

If no Cue is selected, then Play/Pause, Play, Next Track, and Previous Track all select Cue 1.

For more information, you can consult Apple’s Knowledge Base articles About iPhone, iPad, and iPod accessories and iOS: Supported Bluetooth profiles.

Bluetooth Keyboards & Accessories

Go Button can also be triggered using external Bluetooth keyboards (including accessories that behave like external keyboards, such as the AirTurn "Digit" line of remotes or BT-106 pedals).

Go Button action Default keyboard shortcuts
GO Spacebar, Return / Enter, Arrow Right
Select Next Cue Tab, Arrow Down
Select Previous Cue Delete/Backspace, Arrow Up
Pause/Resume Show Arrow Left
Panic Show Esc
Panic All Cues ` (backtick, typically the key below Esc)
Panic All Hits ~ (tilde, typically ⇧ + the key below Esc)
Play Hits 1-8 Number Keys 1-8
Stop Hits 1-8 ⇧ + Number Keys 1-8
Change Current Hits Page -/_ (prev page), =/+ (next page)

Customizing Remote Controls

To accommodate the different behaviors of each remote control, the Sidebar has a Configure Remote Control section to help you discover what commands your remote is sending and to customize what actions are triggered by your remote.

  1. Tap the icon in the upper-left corner of the Home screen to reveal the Sidebar.
  2. Tap Configure Remote Control.
  3. Press a button on your remote control or press a key on your keyboard to highlight the matching remote command.
  4. Tap on that remote command to open the menu of available Go Button actions.
  5. Select an action to associate with that remote command.

Tap Reset Remote to Defaults to reset only the iOS Remote command mappings. Tap Reset Keyboard to Defaults to reset only the external keyboard key mappings.

The available actions which can be assigned to a remote control button are:

  • GO
  • Select Next Cue
  • Select Previous Cue
  • Pause/Resume Show
  • Panic Show - (Resets entire show: stops all cues, stops all hits, and resets the show timer)
  • Panic All Cues - (Stops all cues only)
  • Play/Pause Selected Cues
  • Pause Selected Cue
  • Unpause Selected Cue
  • 'Oops' - Reset to Last Cue Played
  • Toggle Master Volume Dimmed
  • Toggle Master Volume Muted
  • Step Up Master Volume
  • Step Down Master Volume
  • Panic All Hits - (Stops all hits only)
  • Play Hit (1 through 8)
  • Stop Hit (1 through 8)
  • Previous Hits Page
  • Next Hits Page

Disabling a Remote Control Button

Some remote controls have more buttons than you need or have buttons that you may want to want to disable in case you press them accidentally.

In this case, you can effectively disable a button by simply telling Go Button not to do anything when that button is pressed.

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list of actions, and select - no action -.
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