Importing Go Button Shows

Shows exported from Go Button can be converted into QLab workspaces by either double-clicking on the Go Button document in the Finder, dragging and dropping the Go Button document onto the QLab icon, or by choosing Open Workspace... from the File menu and selecting a Go Button document.

A new QLab workspace will automatically be saved with the same name as the Go Button document. A unique name will be used if there is a preexisting item in the same location.

When importing a .gobutton file, QLab will expect the media files to be located in same folder as the .gobutton file. When importing a .gobundle file, QLab will unpack the audio files from the bundle into a new "audio" folder inside the same folder as the .gobundle file.

Cues that are "disabled" in Go Button will become disarmed cues in QLab.

Go Button Hits are imported into a Cart as Audio cues. Since cues within Carts cannot have pre-wait times, any pre-waits on imported Hits will be discarded.

Fade ins and fade outs for Go Button cues become Fade cues in QLab.

Fade ins and fade outs for Go Button hits are converted to integrated fade envelopes in the Audio cues for each hit.

The go actions Fade & Stop Others and Stop Others become Network cues in QLab. The "Destination" setting for these cues must remain set to localhost to behave correctly. Remember too that Network cues require a paid license to function.

Note: Imported Go Button cues and hits can only Duck Others within their own cue list or cart in QLab.