When you create a new workspace in QLab, you get a new window with an empty cue list, and all settings of the workspace match QLab's default settings. A template allows you to create your own set of starting conditions for a new workspace.

To create a template, make a new workspace and adjust all its settings to suit your preference. You can also create cues or cue lists which will serve as jumping-off points. For example, you have a set of Script cues that you routinely install into every workspace, you can include those too.

Save this workspace as a template by choosing Save As Template from the File menu. Pick any name you like. If you choose the same name as an existing template, you'll be asked if you want to replace the existing template.

To create a new workspace using your template, choose New From Template from the File menu, or use the keyboard shortcut ⇧⌘N. The Template Chooser will appear, and you can select the template you wish to use. Once you do, a new workspace will open up which is an exact copy of the template as you saved it.

Template Choose

To delete or rename templates, or select a template as the default, choose Manage Templates from the File menu.