Advanced Settings

MIDI Triggers

In addition to being able to set up cues in your document, visual events can be triggered by MIDI message from a DAW or sequencer.

Streamers allows complete customization of what MIDI notes and sysex (system exclusive) messages trigger which events. It then takes this customizability a step further by allowing you control over the most important aspects of the events themselves.

The following customizations can all be made in the MIDI page of Preferences.

Event Management

Events can be added and removed using the - and + buttons below the event list. To save an entire list of events as a preset, use the Save... button. The Load... button will load a preset, replacing all currently defined events with the saved list.

There are several types of event available to Streamers:

  • The Cue Start event tells Streamers to interpret the current timecode (as received via MTC) as zero seconds on the free-time clock.
  • Punches come in 1–, 3–, 5–, and 7-hole varieties; small, medium, and large sizes; and any color. (Note: The punches that automatically trigger at the end of streamers are always regular size, and their colors are determined in Display Settings.)
  • Streamers range from 3 to 5 feet (2 to 3.33 seconds) in length. Like punches, streamers come in three sizes and can be given any custom color.
  • Click events mimic the UREI metronome sound often used for scoring.
  • Beep events trigger a series of one or more beeps over a certain amount of time. These beeps consist of a sine wave at a user-defined frequency (1 kHz by default), each beep being 1/30 second in length.

Note that multiple events can be assigned to the same MIDI trigger. This means, for example, that you can assign a beep event (with three beeps over 2 seconds) to C3, and also assign a 3' green streamer to C3; when a C3 is received, both events will be triggered simultaneously, resulting in a 3' streamer with ADR-style beeps.

The Test Event button allows you to preview the currently selected event without any input from your sequencer.

MIDI Mapping

Each event can be mapped to one MIDI note and/or one sysex message. (You can always create identical events; e.g. if you wanted two different notes to trigger 3' medium green streamers, you could create two 3' medium green streamer events, and assign each to a different MIDI note.)

Sysex messages are displayed and input in hexadecimal format, with spaces separating each byte. Note that sysex messages by definition start with F0 and end with F7, so Streamers will add these to the sysex message definition if necessary.