Going Online

Streamers will only interpret incoming timecode when it is online. Use the Online/Offline button at the right side of the transport bar in your Streamers document to take MTC online and offline. You can also press O to toggle whether Streamers is listening to timecode.

Offline Playback (Rehearsal)

If you simply need to play back your cues without the use of an external DAW or sequencer, press the play button in the transport bar, or press ⌘R on your keyboard. In scoring mode, this will begin a rehearsal from the countoff and pickup time defined at the left side of the transport bar. In ADR/Foley mode, it will begin playback from the first selected cue (or from the first defined cue, if none is selected).

Latency Compensation

MIDI transmission and video pipelines both come with a certain amount of latency. The nature of video is such that it can have significantly more latency than audio, which would ordinarily result in audio being out of sync with video—and everything being out of sync with the recording software.

To counteract this, Streamers has independent audio and video latency compensation controls. These are true latency compensation, not simple offsets; in other words, they allow you to sync up Streamers to a sequencer without changing the actual timing of your cues.

Because they are not simply offsets, the latency compensation controls apply only to playback. If you pause at a timecode or scrub using MMC, the latency compensation does not apply.

Treat MTC As

MIDI time code does not differentiate between video speed and film speed; i.e., 24 fps consists of the same data as 23.976 fps, and 29.97 drop looks identical to 30 drop. The only difference is the rate at which the MTC data is received; as such, Streamers needs to know what rate to expect for incoming timecode before it can interpret it correctly. In most cases, you can simply choose video speed or film speed, depending on what framerate you are working at:

Video Speed Film Speed
23.976 24
24.975 25
29.97 non-drop 30 non-drop
29.97 drop 30 drop

In more advanced setups, this feature can be used to pull the free-time clock up or down if necessary. For example, if you are scoring at 29.97 non-drop but your score timings are based on 30 non-drop, you can set Streamers to expect film speed and send it 29.97 non-drop (video speed) timecode. Streamers will simply move the second hand 0.1% slower, and the free-time clock will not drift from the timings marked on the score.

Timing Controls

When you select an event while not playing, Streamers will scrub to that point, displaying the time in the transport bar and the relevant frame of video in the output window. From that point, you can nudge one frame at a time by pressing ] to move forward and [ to move back.

MMC Timecode

Streamers responds to MMC full-frame timecode messages. If you set your sequencer to transmit MMC to Streamers, it will follow the sequencer's position as you scrub back and forth. (Note: This works with most sequencers and DAWs; one notable exception is Pro Tools, which does not transmit MMC timecode messages.)

MIDI Show Control

In the MIDI page of Preferences, you can turn on MSC support and optionally set a device ID number (from 0 to 127). Streamers will respond to MTC_CHASE_ON and MTC_CHASE_OFF messages, and in scoring mode will also respond to LOAD messages (more below). All-call (device ID 127) messages are always read.

Streamers also filters MSC messages by command format, responding to All Types (0x7f), Music (0x11), Video (0x30), Video Tape (0x31), and Projections (0x40) messages.

MSC Cue Selection (Scoring mode only)

If Streamers receives a MIDI Show Control LOAD message, it will parse the incoming cue number and attempt to match it to the cue title of one of the cues in your document. It does this by reading each cue's title, looking for a reel number, a cue number, a letter following the cue number, a version number, and a letter following the version number. Here are some examples:

Streamers cue title MSC cue #
1m1 Main Titles 1.1
1m4 Don's Day 1.4
1m4a Brushing His Teeth 1.4.1
1m4b Out the Door 1.4.2
1m4b Out the Door v3
1m4b Out the Door v3a
1m5 Tucking In v2