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Go Button 3.0.12 Release Notes

September 11, 2017

FIXED: An issue that caused Go Action durations to sometimes revert to previous values after relaunching the app.

FIXED: A crash that could occur when adding a cue to a new show.

FIXED: An error message to read "too many files open" instead of "missing media file" when a show uses more Music Library tracks than the device can handle. (Import audio files and select from the Documents tab to avoid this limitation.).

FIXED: An issue when deleting a cue that resulted in the previous cue appearing temporarily broken with the error "No target cue".

FIXED: The display of an error message that was sometimes being immediately dismissed when exporting a show bundle.

CHANGED: Resetting the Elapsed Show Timer with a long-press or with the OSC command /timer/reset now also stops the timer. Long-press again to manually start the timer.

ADDED: The Elapsed Show Timer text color now momentarily glows green when the timer starts and red when it stops.