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Go Button 3.1.0 Release Notes

November 14, 2017

ADDED: Support for cut / copy / paste operations to copy or move Cues and Hits between shows.

ADDED: Support for drag and drop from Files app in iOS 11. Batch import audio files into the Documents folder & make new cues in a single step.

ADDED: The ability to add Cues & Hits to a show that don't use media files. These "empty cues" can be used to trigger standalone actions like Stop Others or to sketch out a show & assign media files later.

ADDED: The option for a Cue to prevent being able to trigger another GO for a set amount of time. Entering a negative duration prevents GO until playback reaches that amount of time back from the end of the cue.

ADDED: A new "Fade to dB" Go Action to perform absolute fades to a specific volume decibel level.

ADDED: Ready for iPhone X.

FIXED: The playback position no longer temporarily moves ahead for cues that start with a Pre Wait.

FIXED: Restores the ability to swipe-to-delete unused audio files in the Documents tab of the Media Picker when running on iOS 11.

FIXED: An issue that caused shows imported to iPhone from iPad to sometimes open to the Hits panel.

FIXED: The initial layout of the Hits panel now displays the correct number of rows/columns in portrait on iPhone and iPod touch devices with 4-inch displays.

FIXED: A crash that could happen when "Continuous Show" is enabled and the show had just the right configuration of auto-follow cues.

FIXED: Improves number precision when entering volume decibel values in Cue/Hit Edit and when importing shows.

FIXED: The batch edit Inspector no longer hides certain settings when the "Disable" row is deselected (not included in the batch), regardless of whether the option is enabled or not.

FIXED: Hides some rogue cell labels that should not be visible in the "Renumber Cues" screen.

CHANGED: The "Fade to %" go action percentage value now supports values above 100%, i.e. to have a cue start at a low volume and then later raise the volume up to 200%.

CHANGED: Improves the display of remaining post-wait time until an auto-follow starts the next cue.

CHANGED: The value returned by OSC method /cue/{number}/uniqueID is now persistent across launches and does not change each time a show is opened.

CHANGED: Automatically-generated .gobutton files are now saved in Documents > Autosaves for easy backup to cloud services.

CHANGED: The .gobutton files for deleted shows are now saved in Documents > Deleted Shows.

CHANGED: QLab 4.1.4 or newer is required to import shows created in Go Button 3.1.x.

CHANGED: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.