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Go Button 3.1.1 Release Notes

December 11, 2017

FIXED: A crash when using Drag and Drop to add Cues or Hits to a show when some of the source files had not yet finished downloading from the cloud.

FIXED: A regression in 3.1.0 that broke the ability to reorder Hits on iPhone when running on iOS 11.

FIXED: Several issues when setting the "Duration" value in batch edit for empty cues or hits.

CHANGED: Clearing the media file from a cue or hit now also resets the "Start Time" value back to 0:00.000. This fixes a condition that could result in a "Multiple validation issues occurred" error when later selecting a new media file.

CHANGED: The master volume level meter now continues updating during volume slider touches.

CHANGED: The remote control actions "Step Up Master Volume" and "Step Down Master Volume" now gently fade between steps for smoother volume changes.

ADDED: Two new OSC application methods /volumeStepUp and /volumeStepDown for adjusting the master volume.