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Go Button 3.2.0 Release Notes

January 14, 2019



ADDED: Use MIDI for remote control and to trigger specific cues. Go Button responds to Note On, Note Off, Controller, and Program Change messages as well as MIDI Show Control (MSC) messages GO, STOP, RESUME, LOAD, ALL_OFF, RESET, and STANDBY_+/-.


ADDED: Profiles are the new way to assign Go Button actions to incoming remote control, Bluetooth, and MIDI commands. Create a different profile for each of your remote controls, and easily switch between them.

ADDED: Share your favorite profiles to your other devices or with friends.

ADDED: Install profiles for common remotes with included predefined profiles.


ADDED: Assign External Keyboard and MIDI commands to Start, Panic, or Stop individual cues and hits.

ADDED: Add a Wall Clock trigger to automatically run at a specific time of day.


ADDED: The new "Custom" Go Action enables powerful options for advanced show programming.

ADDED: Create actions that can target any cue in the cue list.

ADDED: Custom actions include 3 new behaviors: "Load to time", "Select", and "Start".


ADDED: Customize port numbers and see all available IP addresses for OSC commands in the Sidebar > OSC Control Settings.

ADDED: Read-only cue method /cue/{cue_id}/goButtonText which returns the string that will be displayed on the GO button when a given cue becomes selected, primarily for use with the special "playhead" cue selector /cue/playhead/*.

ADDED: Show method /show/{show_id}/volumePercent for getting and setting the master volume as a decimal percentage from 0.0 - 1.0, e.g. for compatibility with OSC clients that interpret volume on a linear scale.

ADDED: Update messages /update/show/{show_id}/volume {number} and /update/show/{show_id}/volumePercent {number} are now sent to OSC clients whenever the master volume changes.

CHANGED: /thump and /updates are now available whether or not a show is open in the player.

FIXED: OSC message /timer/reset no longer alters the running state of the timer.


ADDED: The show timer can now count down from a duration set in Show Settings > Elapsed Timer Start Time.

ADDED: Go Button now scales the size of display text according to the system-wide Dynamic Type setting in iOS Settings > General > Accessibility > Larger Text. (Requires iOS 11+)

ADDED: Go Actions are now visible in the cue list, displaying below the progress bar. The next Go Action to be performed for a cue is highlighted green, and running Go Actions display a progress counter.

ADDED: The fade duration when tapping Master Volume "DIM" is now customizable in Show Settings > Master Volume Dim Duration.

ADDED: In Edit Mode, the "gear" menu now offers "Select All Cues", "Select All Hits", and "Deselect All" menu options. Long-press on a cue is now only used for reordering cues and no longer selects or deselects all cues.

CHANGED: The cue settings that are changed after tapping on a given preset button in Cue Edit now momentarily glow yellow for better visibility of which settings were updated.

CHANGED: If a given media file is in use, the "Cannot Delete" message presented after an attempted swipe-to-delete in the Documents tab of the Media Picker now lists the names of the show(s) using that file.

FIXED: An incorrect error message that appeared when exporting a show bundle containing 1 or more "empty" cues.

FIXED: A bug that prevented setting an OSC Passcode that started with a "0".

FIXED: A bug that could cause the green "drop target" outline to remain visible after completing certain drag-and-drop actions.

FIXED: An issue in Cue and Hit Edit that caused multiple "Invalid Value" alerts to appear after editing certain text values.

FIXED: An issue in Cue Edit that prevented the number of Go Actions from updating after adding or removing actions from a cue.

FIXED: The Hits panel now adjusts properly to keep its content within the device safe area margins, e.g. on iPhone X in landscape.

FIXED: After a GO, the new playback position should scroll into view more reliably.