Welcome! We're Glad You're Here

The QLab and Go Button User Groups are a resource for designers, engineers, technicians, and artists of all kinds to ask and answer questions about QLab and Go Button, and to discuss techniques and principles of theater-making. These groups are also an invaluable tool that helps Figure 53 to understand the needs, ideas, questions, and concerns of the community as we develop and support QLab and Go Button. Participants in these groups come from many parts of the world and have diverse backgrounds, educational experiences, and perspectives, as well as many other differences. We are grateful to everyone who posts a question or offers assistance to fellow users. This code of conduct is an attempt to enshrine the spirit of generosity and cooperation that has defined these groups over the last decade.

All are welcome here.

Code of Conduct for Figure 53 User Groups

Be kind. These are places for civilized discourse, and there is no room for aggression, exclusionary language, or divisiveness. Attacks on other people will not be tolerated. Examples of unacceptable behavior include, but are not limited to:

  • comments or jokes which single out or make generalizations about specific groups of people (i.e. gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, etc.)
  • attacks on a specific person's character, intelligence, appearance, or fitness to participate in the group
  • sexually explicit or violent comments or images
  • public or private harassment
  • posts or threats to post personally identifying information (doxxing).

Figure 53 reserves the right to remove any hurtful comments and any hurtful persons from the group.

Be helpful. Participate in a conversation if you feel you can improve it. Offer advice when you have it. Everyone learns from other people, and there are people in this group who are here to learn from you. Only post if you have something constructive or helpful to say.

Be respectful. Everyone has the right to their opinion, and everyone has the right to disagree. If you choose to disagree with someone's post out loud, do so in a respectful manner. Address the ideas in the post, don't attack the person. Don’t just argue and disagree without offering an alternative perspective of your own. Don't assume that the person with whom you disagree is necessarily wrong, or necessarily wrong about other things. Don't talk down, don't name-call, don't be mean-spirited.

Be accountable. If you feel safe and comfortable using your real name, please do so. If you do not, please use a consistent pseudonym so that other members of the group can identify and address you. Take ownership of your comments and your opinions by using "I" statements (e.g. "I disagree with my esteemed colleague," is better than "My esteemed colleague is wrong.") Try not to present opinions as though they are facts.

Be tidy. When quoting, quote carefully to maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio. It's usually too much to quote a whole post, and certainly too much to quote a whole thread. When replying, make sure your subject line matches the subject line of the post to which you are replying. If you subscribe to the daily digest email, don't quote the whole digest or reply with the subject line of the digest. Avoid changing the subject of a thread; start a new thread instead. Avoid using lengthy signatures, especially ones with broad legal statements. Avoid allowing auto-responders or vacation messages to post to the group.

Those who violate of this code of conduct will, at the sole discretion of Figure 53...

  • ...be asked to publicly apologize and correct their behavior, or
  • ...be asked to stop posting to the group, or
  • ...be banned from the group, or
  • ...be subject to other disciplinary action appropriate to the situation.

  • Any member of our user groups who feels that another member has violated this code of conduct, either in letter or in spirit, and any member of the groups who has for any reason felt unsafe or threatened in any way within this group is encouraged to please contact cricket@figure53.com. Your identity will remain confidential. We are committed to making this group a safe, healthy, productive environment for all.

    Figure 53 will be the ultimate arbiter of any disagreement regarding conduct within these user groups.