September 23, 2011

Dear Baltimore,

Hi there. We're hiring a web developer.

What we do:

We make tools for artists.

Our software drives shows in high schools, regional theaters, cruise ships, non cruise ships, and on Broadway. 75% of all Tony Awards for sound design have gone to shows powered by QLab.

About 3 billion people heard our software when it played music for the Olympics.

We make products that people really, really love.

"The only reason I am E-Mailing you is because I love QLab so passionately that I wanted to say thank you and hope that my testimonial might be posted somewhere that people can read it. [...] Thank you QLab, you are the best software I have ever used in my life."
~ Billy
"This tool has singlehandedly rocketed our designs to a new dimension of awesomeness. This is the only piece of software I've ever had where I actually WANTED to give you guys my money."
~ Mark
"Nothing I have come across has come close to the user interface you guys have created. You have taken everything that makes Macs great and seamlessly created an all-in-one toolbox for sound designers."
~ Chris

Now we're making new tools, and we need your help.

What you'll do:

You'll build Tixato. Tixato is a web-based box office application, designed for small to mid-size theaters. It's new.

Tixato will make ticketing a little bit more magical. Tixato will help your friends put on a show. Tixato will help your university put on a season of shows. Tixato will eventually help every theater in town get butts in the seats and smiles on faces.

We're building Tixato in Ruby on Rails. You'll primarily be responsible for the public facing parts of the application (the front end) which right now is an exciting blend of Haml, Javascript, CoffeeScript, and Sass.

You'll deploy frequently to production, and pay attention to the quality of our code.

As you work on Tixato, you'll answer questions from people using it, fix bugs they find, and deploy the fix.

In our industry, we are famous for providing extraordinary support. The idea of surprising people with the speed of your replies and the care you show for them should excite you. They will tell their friends about that one time you fixed a bug in 30 minutes. They will trust you. You'll have their back.

How we work:

Mostly during the week.

Mostly during "normal" hours.

But there are no hard rules.

We focus on: is stuff getting done?

We also: follow our nose.

Who you'll work with:

Where you'll work:

We'll be rearranging the desks to make room for you.

There's parking out back, if you need it. Chris walks, Adam bikes, and Zach drives.

What you'll get:

The chance to craft a new product. We've brought Tixato up through beta and launched 1.0. But this product is just getting started, and you'll help us craft the vision and the code for what it becomes.

Customers who care about what you're doing. Our customers kick ass. Making things for them is fun.

A good salary. Tell us what you're looking for.

Health insurance. We pay 100% of the premiums, including dental and vision. (And we use the nice PPO plan.)

A flexible schedule. Work the hours you want.

An environment that encourages making. You don't always have to work on Tixato. Creativity is an impulse worth following. We take breaks from our main projects to build other things. Sometimes they're just for fun, sometimes they turn into new products.

How to reach us:


In your email, write a little bit about who you are, stuff you've worked on, and why this is something you'd like to do.

Naturally, we'd also love to see links to your work.