Sync simplicity.

Lockstep does one thing, and does it well: translate Linear Timecode (LTC) into MIDI Timecode (MTC). Based on the same timecode-reading engine that powers QLab's LTC synchronization, Lockstep listens for timecode on any audio input you specify, then generates a stream of MIDI timecode to match. Outgoing MIDI messages are timestamped for precise timing, and are sent to Lockstep's virtual MIDI output as well as any MIDI port you choose.

Feature Highlights

  • Easy-to-read display of status and incoming timecode
  • Level meter for currently selected audio input
  • LTC input from any Core Audio device
  • MTC output to any Core MIDI device, as well as Lockstep's virtual output
Lockstep screenshot
"Lockstep totally rocks! As advertised, it simplifies your setup by removing unnecessary hardware, and it locks to SMTPE quicker than all of the hardware boxes that we tried during rehearsals for the Linkin Park A Thousand Suns world tour. This is one of the most reliable pieces of software that I have ever used."
A.J. Pen, Production Design & Lighting Director
Linkin Park