The Blog is Dead Long Live the Blog

Hi there. Welcome to the new Figure 53 blog.

The old blog? It wasn't bad, but it wasn't quite... right.

The old blog felt... small. It felt confined. Nice, but confined. A great place to share snippets related to our products. Not a great place to explore larger ideas like designing products, or the intersection of technology and the arts, or lessons we've learned bootstrapping a small software company.

Figure 53 has come a long way since I worked alone, on nights and weekends, in the corner of my Baltimore apartment.

picture of my desk in the early days

I worked for several years this way. Two years before I made my first sale. Another year and a half before I quit my day job.

Back then, I fired up a blog because I wanted a place to share... what? I wasn't sure. New version announcements. Product sightings. Nice things people said.

But those things all have a different home now. We get to share sightings on Twitter. New versions are announced on a mailing list, or via an in-app update.

Today I'm part of a team. Coders, designers, support experts. Last year we bought ourselves a lovely office in Baltimore. A place to hack and talk and design new things.

picture of our office

It's been great! There's space to write on the walls. Space to talk through ideas. Space to eat. Space to project on the bottom of the stairs.

projecting on the bottom of our staircase

Now we'd like a space to write.

So here we are.

Chris Ashworth is the founder of Figure 53