Why is it named QLab?

Tim writes:

Hey totally unrelated to any work you might be doing.

We got talking round the ol' sound booth today and the question of why "Q" lab and not CueLab?

I assumed it was marketing, others assume it's to be and I'm quoting here "cutesie".

So normally I wouldn't bother people with something so trivial but there is beer on the line (I would like to win said beer) so if you've got two mins I'd love to hear back from you.


Hey there Tim!

I believe this might, incredibly, be the first time anyone has asked this question.

One reason is that QLab has the benefit of encouraging more frequent and more unusual misspellings, which we collect as a hobby. For now we keep most of the misspellings in a file cabinet down in the basement, but I have high hopes for one day creating a permanent installation to display all the best ones, with gilt frames and gentle spotlight effects—you know, a real high-end job. Maybe some little placards and printed curatorial notes next to each frame. If we're really on our game, a little audio tour of how each might be pronounced.

That's all for the future of course! These days the intern can only just barely keep up with filing the different spellings in between visiting the user forums and quietly adjusting all the lower-case "Qlab"s to the proper uppercase "QLab" and striking the extra "s" many people add to the end. That sort of thing. Honestly I think I may need to talk to the intern about it because I found a whole little pile of 's's next to the coffee grinder thiss morning and I'm wondering if a few fell in; the coffee had such a tinny, metallic taste and I'm conserned. They're fully recyclable and there's really no need to go sprinkling 's's into the coffee beans or anywhere else for that matter. If the intern hasn't been recycling them properly there'ss really no telling exactly where they'd end up, and worsst case scenario some might get through our quality controlss and corrupt ssome of the outgoing QLab downsloads.

At any rate, I do hope that helps! Let me know who gets the beer.


P.S.: Oh, also, the main answer, of course, is that QLab is a better name than CueLab.

Chris Ashworth is the founder of Figure 53