Announcing Go Button 3

Today we are introducing Go Button 3, the exciting next generation of our mobile sound cue playback app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Go Button is used every day by performers all around the world to play sound cues for their live shows. More than just a music player, it lets theatres, sound designers, choreographers, and performers like magicians & puppeteers run their sound the right way – giving them an incredibly easy way to control their sound cues for consistent and foolproof playback at every show.

And today it gets even better. Here are some highlights of what's new:

Try Before You Buy

Go Button 3 is now free to try for 1 Show. We want everyone to have the chance to explore Go Button, play around with the Example Show, and try out building a Show of their own. When you are ready, you can purchase a Pro license with a one-time In-App Purchase to immediately unlock the ability to create, import, and export an unlimited number of Shows. And you can restore this single purchase across all of your iOS devices that share the same Apple ID.

(Prior owners of Go Button 1 or 2 will receive a free upgrade to the Pro license.)

Why the change? We understand that it is much easier to evaluate software – and whether it is right for you – if you can actually use the software first! Up until now, this was only possible by trying out someone else's copy of Go Button. We decided to open things up and let everybody try out all of Go Button's functionality with zero commitment.

This is not a time-limited demo or a crippled "lite" version. You can save your work, perform your Show, and do anything else that you can do in the fully-licensed version with that Show. And whether you buy a Pro license or use the free version forever, you'll still be backed by the incredible Figure 53 Support team.

New For Performers

We love getting feedback from our users, and Go Button 3 delivers many new features requested specifically by performers, including:

  • Shows now have settings that help prevent accidental GOs, including the ability to set a minimum time that is required to pass between each GO and an option to disable double-taps on the cue list.
  • "Oops" – a new remote control action lets you gracefully recover from an accidental GO by stopping the most recently-played Cue and resetting your Show back to that Cue.
  • On iPad, a new Full Screen Mode makes it easy to see your device when it's located far away from across the stage.
  • The "Continuous Show" option lets you run an entire Show in a non-stop loop.
  • Cues now can have a "Pre Wait", so you can delay the start of a Cue and perfectly time your walk-on music.

New For Everyone

  • Cue & Hit volume now goes up to +12 dB, so now you can increase the volume of that one track that is quieter than all the others.
  • Cues & Hits now have variable playback rate, with the option to preserve or alter the pitch with the rate change.
  • All Go Actions that perform fades on a Cue now can have custom fade durations.
  • The Show Player gains an on-screen Master Fader letting you smoothly adjust your Show's master volume independent of your device volume.
  • Hits are now available on iPhone and support looping, pre wait, and multiple selection.
  • Export Shows with their audio files in the new .gobundle document format. (iTunes Music library tracks cannot be exported and must be synced separately.)
  • Import audio files and Shows from AirDrop, Mail, Messages, and cloud services installed on your device. Share your .gobutton or .gobundle files to other devices via the same methods.
  • Optionally send "Now Playing" information to display on compatible remote controls, watches, and apps during playback.
  • The new full-fledged OSC Control API lets you control Go Button over a local network using QLab or other OSC sources.

In addition to all of the visible new features, Go Button 3 also contains improvements that are unseen but equally important for our ability to keep pace with advancements in iOS. The show player view has been rebuilt from scratch using modern iOS techniques that better adapt to any new future device sizes as well as enable Split-Screen Mode on newer iPads. Also, the cue scheduling layer is all-new and adapted from time-tested code in other Figure 53 products.

If you are an experienced Go Button user, we hope you enjoy discovering everything new that version 3 has to offer. If you are new to Go Button, we can't wait for you to try it out!

Please let us know what you think, and don't hesitate to ask a question in the Go Button user group or send us an email at We are always happy to help!

Brent Lord is a composer for theatre & film and an iOS developer at Figure 53