Announcing QLab 4.2

Hello again! It's time for another big QLab update!

QLab 4.2 brings a slew of new features, all free for v4 license-holders. We're also introducing some exciting lighting features to QLab Remote, and making a basic "view-only" version of QLab Remote FREE. Here are the highlights:

Batch Edit Audio Levels

Hooray! You can now batch-edit audio levels and audio trim in the Audio and Video cue inspectors. We're thrilled to deploy this long-requested feature.

d&b Soundscape Integration

With 4.2 we're introducing a new mode for Network cues to integrate with the new Soundscape DS100 Signal Engine from d&b audiotechnik. The DS100 is a 64x64 channel signal processing system, featuring flexible routing and DSP, spatial positioning of sound, and acoustic emulation. You can enable DS100 mode for Network cues in the network workspaces settings.

DS100 d&b Signal Engine supported in QLab 4.2

Better Video Performance

We’ve spent a lot of time under the hood improving video performance for 4.2.

The most significant optimizations are for video effects; the video effects pipeline has been rewritten from the ground up, dramatically improving performance by utilizing GPU acceleration.

We've also made a series of other adjustments to improve performance when animating videos with Fade cues, or playing back videos that contain an audio track.

Video Effects in QLab 4.2


Video surfaces can now be set to render a "permanent" black background between cues, ensuring a smoother start for the next Video cue. Screens assigned to surfaces with this setting will continue rendering until a panic.

Review All Your Triggers in One Place

A Triggers tab to the Workspace Status window, where you can review all cue triggers and workspace controls. You can also copy this information as text to export it to an external text editor or spreadsheet.

Trigger tab in the workspace status window

Light Dashboard Improvements

The Light Dashboard now includes these new functions:

  • Update Selected Cue(s) - Saves edited levels into the currently selected Light cue(s).
  • Record All to Selected Cue(s) - Record all levels into the currently selected Light cue(s).
  • Record All to Latest Cue - Record all levels into the most recently run Light cue.
  • Clear All - Set all instruments to their home values. (aka “Go to blackout.”)

You can also now undo and redo your edits in the Light Dashboard.

New Light Dashboard features

Major Improvements to Accessibility

We're very pleased to say that QLab 4.2 inclues major improvements in accessibility for those who are blind or vision-impaired. 4.2 includes:

  • much-improved support for screen readers,
  • support for high-contrast mode,
  • support for differentiating UI elements without color,
  • and other improvements.

QLab Remote 4.2

QLab Remote is now free to download and use in "Read-Only Mode", which includes the ability to flag cues and edit cue notes.

Optional In-App Purchases let you disable "Read-Only Mode" and unlock either "editing" or the new "light tools" at any time. (Existing owners of QLab Remote 4.1 and earlier will have the same functionality as before by getting the "Show Control & Editing" purchase auto-unlocked for free.)

When connected to QLab 4.2 or later, QLab Remote now offers new "Light Tools" features, available as an In-App Purchase:

  • Dashboard Keypad: an adaptive controller for quick entry of light commands in the QLab Light Dashboard
  • Instrument Check: verify your lighting rig by sending test commands to each instrument and group in the Light Patch

New light features in QLab Remote

And, of course, more

You can read every last detail of the changes in 4.2 in the official change log.

Happy designing!

Chris Ashworth is the founder of Figure 53