A soundboard for your Mac.

QCart is an audio cart with a simple and beautiful interface. It offers our battle-tested, low-latency audio engine, custom keyboard shortcuts, and MIDI triggers, so all your audio is there exactly when you need it.

Import tracks in seconds

Drag-and-drop just about any file into QCart, and you're ready to go.

Quickly trim the top and tail

QCart lets you quickly trim away unwanted silence from the beginning and end of your files.

Audio Units, MIDI triggers, loops, and output routing.

A tool that's powerful enough for professionals, but easy enough for everyone.

QCart screenshot

Feature Highlights

  • Clean and simple interface
  • Trigger cues via mouse, keyboard, or MIDI
  • Level meter for currently selected audio output
  • Lock your cart to put it in show mode
  • Apply Audio Units to each sound
  • Waveform editor for fast, non-destructive trimming
  • Change the color of each button
  • Loop and hold options for each cue
  • Multiple tabs/carts per document
  • Support for full-screen mode