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QLab 3.1 Release Notes

August 12, 2014

3.1 is a big update, including several features that have been in the works for over half a year.

Please review the change log before deploying 3.1.

If you are currently running a show on 3.0.x, we do not recommend updating that show to 3.1, as some behaviors have changed.


ADDED: By popular demand, cue notes are now rich text again (you can change size, style, color, etc). Knock yerself out.

ADDED: You can now resize the top panel to show more notes or to hide the top panel entirely. Do this by dragging the top of the cue list header.

ADDED: The progress bars in the active cues list can now be dragged to seek to a specific time. Hold down the shift key for fine adjustments. Play/pause controls have also been added.

ADDED: A template system, for saving and loading template workspaces.

ADDED: An option to demo all the features of a Pro Bundle license. This mode is for trying out features only; saving, opening, and copy/cut/paste operations are disabled while it is active.

ADDED: The GO button becomes an Audition button when the Audition window is active, to make it clear that cues won't be output to their normal destinations.

ADDED: The OSC Cue now has an option to send out a raw UDP string instead of an OSC message.

ADDED: You can now name OSC destinations in the OSC settings.

ADDED: Master MIDI / OSC override control panel, for turning incoming/outgoing MIDI/OSC off and on.

ADDED: Status display of incoming LTC stream, including signal strength and crosstalk detection.

ADDED: Script cues can now be run as a separate process, so slow scripts won't cause QLab to hang. Note: Scripts with an implied tell application "QLab" block will not work with this option, and will need to have the tell block added explicitly or this option disabled.

ADDED: The location of AppleScript errors is now highlighted in the script cue inspector.

ADDED: "edit mode" and "show mode" are now AppleScript properties that can be queried or set on a workspace.

ADDED: Cues that are disarmed or running will not be selected as the random cue for groups in "start random child" mode.

ADDED: AppleScript hooks for some parameters of OSC cues.

CHANGED: Default panic duration has been reduced to 1 second.

CHANGED: The OSC remote control trigger for Stop All now triggers a Panic All, and is thus consistent with the MIDI remote control trigger of the same type.

CHANGED: You can now only drag the start/end/slice times using the top handle in the waveform view (the slice line itself is no longer draggable).

CHANGED: A devamp cue that automatically starts the next cue will allow the next cue to auto-load if specified.

FIXED: When manipulating many cues via AppleScript or OSC, a large delay in processing the script could be introduced if the inspector was open and displaying a cue.

FIXED: Other small bug fixes.


FIXED: Audio cues with no valid device patched will now play to the audition patch when the audition window is open.

FIXED: Device volume levels will not reset to unity when adding effects on device outputs.

ADDED: Support for stereo audio effects on cue outputs and device outputs.

ADDED: Bundling a workspace produces a text file listing all audio effects used.

ADDED: AppleScript hooks to getGang and setGang on the volume matrix, which work similarly to the getLevel and setLevel commands.

ADDED: More gang colors.


FIXED: Masks now apply to alpha instead of RGB, so surfaces can show through each other's masked areas.

FIXED: Mask images now save relative paths, so bundled masks don't break.

FIXED: Correctly set & display default video effect parameters for the built-in video effects.

FIXED: Panicking while the surface editor is open no longer requires an extra press of the Escape key.

FIXED: The surface editor now has undo support.

ADDED: A new Titles Cue dedicated just to, you guessed it, titles. (Basic Video license required.)

ADDED: Fade Cues can now fade video effect parameters.

ADDED: Ability to split surfaces for mesh warping. (Pro Video license required.)

ADDED: Linear and Bézier warp modes. (Pro Video license required.)

ADDED: Support for video output via Blackmagic DeckLink devices.

ADDED: The Audition window now shows all active surfaces.

ADDED: Ability to change the anchor point around which a cue's scaling and translation take place.

ADDED: A shortcut to create new surfaces with a single screen assigned, automatically matching dimensions to that screen.

ADDED: A shortcut to create a new surface with an arrangement of identical screens and optional overlap.

ADDED: A 2x2 partial screen layout, for splitters like the Datapath x4.

ADDED: A layer option for surfaces. Cues are now sorted by cue layer within each surface (instead of globally), and surfaces are sorted by surface layer when rendering.

ADDED: Screens can now be rotated in 90° increments. This replaces the "Ceiling" checkbox in the surface editor. (Pro Video license required.)

ADDED: An option to show projector alignment guides. (Pro Video license required.)

ADDED: An option to bypass automatic edge blending on a per-projector basis.

CHANGED: Revamped video effects interface, now with draggable text fields for number values and ability to tab between fields.

CHANGED: Single-screen video surfaces are no longer special cases. They are created automatically only when creating a new workspace, and can be edited (with a Pro Video license) and deleted like any other surface. This fixes issues caused by QLab 3.0.x trying to manage single-screen surfaces while hardware changes and OS X changes display IDs unpredictably. As a result of this change, surface names must be unique.

CHANGED: Saving a grid image will now save only the area of the shuttered surface.


ADDED: /toggleAuditionWindow - application-level OSC method to show or hide the audition window.

ADDED: /workspace/{id}/delete/{cue_number} - delete cues by number.

ADDED: /workspace/{id}/delete/selected - delete cues by selection.

ADDED: /workspace/{id}/delete_id/{cue_id} - delete cues by unique id.

ADDED: /workspace/{id}/undo - undo the last edit of a workspace document.

ADDED: /workspace/{id}/redo - redo the last edit of a workspace document.

ADDED: /workspace/{id}/toggleSelectionIsPlayhead - toggle whether the playhead is locked to the cue list selection.

ADDED: /workspace/{id}/toggleEditShowMode - toggle whether the workspace is in edit or show mode.

ADDED: /cue/{number}/level/{inChannel}/{outChannel} {decibel} - alternate OSC method for addressing a volume level in the matrix (applies to audio, video, fade, and mic cues)

ADDED: /cue/{number}/level/{inChannel}/{outChannel}/+ decibel - relative volume adjustment, adding [decibels] to the current volume at that address

ADDED: /cue/{number}/level/{inChannel}/{outChannel}/- decibel - relative volume adjustment, subtracting [decibels] to the current volume at that address

ADDED: /cue/{number}/gang inChannel outChannel {gang} - get or set the gang on a volume level in an audio, video, mic, or fade cue

ADDED: /cue/{number}/gang/{inChannel}/{outChannel} {gang} - get or set the gang on a volume level in an audio, video, mic, or fade cue

ADDED: /cue/{number}/surfaceName {string} - Get/set the video surface of the cue by name.

ADDED: /cue/{number}/liveRate {number} - new method to get/set the "live" value of an audio or video cue's playback rate; does not mark document as modified

ADDED: /cue/{number}/liveEffectSet keyString value - new method to set the "live" value of video effect parameters