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QLab Remote 4.2.0 Release Notes

March 23, 2018

QLab Remote is now free to download. No purchase is required to use QLab Remote in "Read-Only Mode", which includes the ability to flag cues and edit cue notes.

  • Optional In-App Purchases let you disable "Read-Only Mode" and unlock editing and new light tools features at any time.
  • Existing owners of QLab Remote 4.1 and earlier will have the same functionality as before by getting the "Show Control & Editing" purchase auto-unlocked for free.

FIXED: A bug that delayed the appearance of the cue action progress bar after a cue begins running.

FIXED: A display bug with the cues table view header when scrolling while Read-Only Mode is enabled.

FIXED: An issue that made the Inspector feel unresponsive when attempting to begin editing a text field.

FIXED: A conflict with several keyboard shortcuts, one of which prevented typing the letter "v" into an Inspector text field.

FIXED: A crash that could occur when opening another cue inspector after having toggled the inspector Geometry view to full screen.

FIXED: Several layout issues in the Inspector when viewed on narrow width screens.

FIXED: The Inspector no longer displays Audio Levels controls for cues that do not support audio, i.e. Text cues, Camera cues, and Video cues that play still images.

FIXED: Significantly improves dragging smoothness when changing Translation, Scale, and Anchor values in the Display & Geometry inspector panel.

FIXED: Several improvements to the overall accuracy and display of the Geometry wireframe view.

FIXED: An issue in the Light Cue inspector where levels could become out of sync with the workspace if QLab Remote attempted to set an invalid value.

FIXED: Light Cue inspector now hides the value slider when appropriate (i.e. when a light level is set to a keyword like "home" or when pulling from another cue).

FIXED: An issue with the Cue Lists menu that prevented the "Flagged" icon from updating for Cue Carts while the menu was visible.


CHANGED: Cart view pinch-to-zoom now allows zooming out farther to display more cues on screen.

ADDED: Geometry inspector wireframe view adds support for two-finger rotation gestures to edit X / Y / Z rotations.

When connected to QLab 4.2 or later

ADDED: New "Light Tools" features exclusive to QLab Remote, available as an In-App Purchase:

  • Dashboard Keypad: an adaptive controller for quick entry of light commands in the QLab Light Dashboard
  • Instrument Check: verify your lighting rig by sending test commands to each instrument and group in the Light Patch

ADDED: Cues that are overridden by workspace "Override Controls" now display an overridden status icon.

ADDED: Support for setting non-integer levels in Light cues.

ADDED: "Stop target when done" and "Live Fade Preview" toggles in the Fade Cue inspector.

ADDED: "Geometry" controls to the Fade Cue inspector for editing fades that target Video, Text, and Camera cues.