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QLab Remote 4.3.0 Release Notes

August 28, 2018


ADDED: QLab Remote now automatically attempts to recover from a broken connection rather than immediately disconnecting from the workspace. When an error occurs, the connection will pause while waiting for the remote workspace to reappear on the network. Once the QLab workspace is available again, the connection automatically resumes where you left off. This also allows you to easily switch between connection methods, e.g. unplug from a wired USB connection and seamlessly transition to an available Wi-Fi connection.

ADDED: Support for navigating the contents of folder aliases in the File Target document picker of the cue inspector. (Requires QLab 4.3 or later.)

ADDED: An "Add Command..." button in the Levels panel of the cue inspector for adding new commands to a Light cue. (Requires QLab 4.2 or later.)


FIXED: Improves reliability of scrolling and pinch-to-zoom in cue carts.

FIXED: When the Cue Lists menu is visible, the playback status indicators for each cue list are now updated more reliably.

FIXED: The cue inspector now updates to display the correct panels if the inspector is visible when the target cue of a Fade cue or the image source of a Video cue changes.

FIXED: Fixes an issue where the inspector for a Video cue with a still image source would incorrectly display the Audio Levels panel the first time the inspector was opened for that cue.