Jim-Oddvar Hansen, Haalogaland Theatre, Norway
September 2008

One of the most nothern theaters in the world, Haalogaland Theatre is located in the city Tromsø in northern Norway—way above the arctic circle—and had opening night in November 2005. The theatre has a main stage with 330 seats and a blackbox with about 120 seats. We also tour northern Norway.

At the opening in November 2005 we had used a different program, but now I have had the chance to use QLab in my last design, a play by Sara Kane called "Blasted".

I got my MacBook Pro and installed QLab, and I was really impressed. The workflow was really picking up speed, and I could present design elements fast. With Steinberg Cubase 4 this was a really powerful tool. I used a MacBook Pro, an Echo Audiofire 8 soundcard wired with 8 channel multicable to a Soundcraft FX-16II. I'm using the direct out on the channel post fader, for a fast volume control on all 8 channels. An 8 channel multicable goes to the stage where there are 6 Meyersound UPM-1P fullrange and 2 Meyersound USW subs in mono. I also put a wireless speaker (consumer computer speaker) in a fake baby for some crying.

Channel list:

  1. Main speaker left
  2. Main speaker right
  3. Wireless baby
  4. Subs
  5. Fx speaker left (hall outside hotell door)
  6. Fx speaker left backstage
  7. Fx speaker right backstage
  8. Fx speaker right (bathroom)

This show premiered 10 September 2008, and toured through September 2008.

I have used QLab for about a month now, and in that month the theatre has bought 3 MacBook Pros and one iMac—all running QLab. And that we like a lot!

Haalogaland Theatre in Norway

Photo credit: Ola Roe