One Year at the Cobb Energy Centre

Chris Moore, Cobb Energy Centre
May 2008

A full opera season, two ballets, three performing arts celebrations, a full year of concerts, plays, corporate shows and everything in-between as the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre comes up on its one year anniversary. No surprise that QLab has not let me down yet!

The 2,700 seat theatre has played host to numerous events and QLab has been my secret weapon to get through many of them. It has proven itself especially on a few 20 plus company arts celebrations we have had. Anyone who has worked such events events knows how frustrating it can be for 15 people to walk up to the console and hand you CD after CD of their specific music. It is a dream to be able to dump everything into QLab and let the software to the work for you. I have even been using it to recall board scenes during operas and corporate shows just so I had one less thing to think about during hectic times. The Head Electrician and I even had it controlling the light board for a corporate show that used two light boards. Pretty cool!

We just finished the first season of the Atlanta Opera and QLab has been involved in every one of the shows. The Atlanta Ballet is currently switching over from MiniDisc to QLab. QLab is proving to be irreplaceable here. Thanks for such a great product!

[Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre]