Dave Mickey, Brimmer Street Theatre, Los Angeles California
April 2009

About two days after QLab 2 was released, I was contacted about a show. The director wanted live video with recorded media and text messages on different surfaces on the stage. I confidently said: I can do that, easily. The adventure began.

After many late nights, two days of load-in, three days of tech/dress, a great design team and an amazing stage manager/QLab operator, we have a show. With 579 cues (without preshow and intermission music) the QLab action doesn't stop for two hours. One scene alone has 217 cues. All the media cues support the telling of the story, and helps move the play forward.

<3 Production Stills

  • 1 iMac 24" 650GB 4GB RAM 2.66GHz with QLab v2
  • 1 PowerMac G4 with QLab v1
  • 2 BenQ MP771
  • 3 BenQ MP522ST
  • 1 TripleHead2Go
  • 1 DualHead2Go
  • 4 Speakers
  • 1 Tapco Mixer
  • 1 Wireless Camera
  • 1 Wired Camera
  • 1 ADVC-55
  • Echo AudioFire 12 I/O
  • MIDI Port
  • ETC Express

<3 Trailer

How its done: We used an iMac as the master show control computer. Going into the iMac is a wireless camera and a wired camera connected to a ADVC-55 with firewire out into the iMac. From the iMac I sent a firewire line to the Echo AudioFire 12I/O to the mixer to the speakers. The AudioFire also sends a MIDI line to the ETC Express then a MIDI Thru to a PowerMac G4. The DVI Video out from the iMac was connected to a DualHead2Go and then to two BenQ MP771 projectors which gives us two separate video feeds from one computer. The PowerMac G4 controls three BenQ MP522ST using the TripleHead2Go to create a seamless three projector cyc only 10 feet from the cyc. This allowed us to have actors 4 feet from the cyc without their bodies being in the beam of the projectors. Using MIDI to control the ETC Express and the PowerMac G4, the stage manager only has one "GO" button to control the whole show.