The Cherry Orchard at the Royal Danish Theatre

Sebastian Lund, Det Kongelige Teater, the Royal Danish Theatre
May 2007

For the production of "Kirsebærhaven" (The Cherry Orchard) by Tchekhov at The Royal Danish Theatre I decided that this was the time to give QLab a try.

It was a pretty basic production with LCR speakers but, also some effect speakers placed in the cellar, in a doll house and off stage. I decided, budget wise, to buy a Mac Mini and upgraded it myself with 2GB of RAM. I ran some rehearsals with my MOTU Traveler but later purchased a MOTU UltaLite for the system. The console was a Yamaha DM1000, main speaker system was Turbosound and effect speakers was Meyer UPA-1's

Being used to operating other software and only testing QLab at home, it was a breeze working with QLab and getting to know the ways around it. Stability and reliabilty was fantastic and actually made me feel safe and calm when I ran the shows. QLab ran flawlessly in 1.5 months of rehearsals and on 36 shows. I encountered no trouble at all with the software for the whole period of the production.