The Royal Danish Playhouse Picks QLab

Jonas Vest, Det Kongelige Teater, the Royal Danish Theatre
March 2008

Finally we have had the opening nights on all three stages in our new house. Everything is running fine, and we have QLab installed on brand new Mac Pros. We are producing around 12 new theater productions every season, plus a lot of guest plays, concerts, and events.

The large venue seats around 650 people, the medium venue around 250 people, and the smallest seats around 100. All shows are using QLab, and it's such a pleasure that things just work. Three performances each day (6 days per week), and no problems so far.

All Macs are equipped with RME MADI, PCI express cards, and external MADI to AES/EBU converters, so the signal flow is fully digital from the WAVE file to the amps! From the RME MADI converters to AES inputs in our Studer Vista 5 consoles, from the Studer's outputs via optical MADI to the AMP-rooms... here the MADI is converted to AES/EBU and from here to the digital inputs of d&b D6 and D12 amps. No AD/DA conversions at all, until the very end.

It's no secret that the Royal Danish Theatre have been using [a different program] before QLab was around, but the change to QLab is just such a relief for us. The workflow, the interface, the "live-preview-fades" simply just works! Personally I am also very happy that the change went well and that we have had absolutely no stability issues. It simply means everything for the new users of QLab, that they feel "safe"...and they do.

The new Royal Danish Playhouse was inaugurated in February 2008.