Visual cues made painless.

Once upon a time, working with video, streamers, and punches meant going through the same steps over and over again, for every cue. Even something as simple as adding a single streamer took multiple steps, wasting precious time on the stage or in the studio. And video latency was a burden that just had to be lived with.

That's all changed. Streamers is designed from the ground up to simplify and automate common tasks. Video playback is synchronized to MIDI timecode, and automatic reel selection means no more importing the same video file into every sequence. Standard streamers—the kinds that are needed in every cue—are automatically added for you. And setting up a pickup on the scoring stage takes less than a second.

On the ADR/Foley stage.

Build your cue list from scratch, or import it in one batch from a tab-delimited text file. Streamers can automatically add beeps, punches, and/or a streamer into each cue's sync point, so you never have to program a single event manually. Movie audio can be muted at the cue point or play through. Optional cue text allows you to display a line of dialog right over the video. And of course, all these options are customizable.

On the scoring stage.

Setting up a cue for a scoring session in Streamers is as simple as importing a standard MIDI file. Free clicks and warning/downbeat/ending streamers are added automatically (according to your preferences). Setting up a pickup is as simple as typing in a bar number. A free-time clock overlay means the conductor can follow the sweep of a second hand instead of a click track. And all these visual elements are synced to MTC, with a unified video latency compensation—so you can fully compensate for the delay introduced by the video distribution system, without fiddling around with individual offsets.

In the composer’s studio.

Streamers makes an ideal standalone video playback system, even without the visual overlays. Just set your sequencer to transmit MIDI timecode and MIDI machine code to Streamers, drop your video files into a Streamers document, and leave it alone. Streamers will automatically select the correct reel based on the incoming timecode and will follow playback and scrubbing. Or add timecode-locked streamers and punches, and free-time right into your sequencer!

Feature Highlights

  • MTC-synced video playback with automatic reel selection
  • Transparent overlay option when no movie selected
  • Flexible, customizable rendering options
  • Free-time clock synced to cue playback
  • Separate video and audio latency compensation
  • Automatic scheduling of common events
  • Instant setup of scoring pickups
  • Multiple video/streamer windows
Streamers screenshot Streamers screenshot
"Streamers was a huge success. The software was so valuable for visual aid, and CRUCIAL for tempo change pickups. It worked flawlessly and easily."
Nolan Livesay, Composer
"Streamers is an essential app for any audio professional. This is the program you've been waiting for: a natural progression from ProCue and Auricle boxes. Great support from the developers. Makes my clients happy!"
Alex Levy, Music Editor
(The Incredibles, Lost, Star Trek)
"You will love Streamers. It's a modern day tool for using the Newman Click and Streamer Method in your everyday workflow. Adding the visual element of punches and Streamers to a quicktime (in real-time) is just plain awesome."
Tim Jones, Composer