The absolute best way to contact us is to email

Every email to is delivered to a custom-built support tool that we designed to ensure the best person on our team gets you the best answer as quickly as possible.

That said, you can also contact us via:


Please note that our Baltimore office can not receive unscheduled visitors. (But we are happy to try to schedule a visit via email in advance.)

Do you offer phone support of any kind?

No, we do not provide phone support for our products. This is because we want to provide great support, and it's much harder to provide great support over the phone. We stick to email because:

  • Our entire team of experts can review your questions, allowing the team member with the deepest knowledge of the topic to answer.
  • We maintain a record of the conversation, allowing multiple team members to coordinate and help you together.
  • Nearly any troubleshooting data we need to gather will be in the form of something you'll have to send us via a computer.

What if it's an emergency?

We've been doing this for years, and honestly, the tools we've built to provide support over email make it the absolute best way, even in an emergency.

We stick to email because it's the best way we can help you. And we really care about helping you!