The Sidebar

The Sidebar gives you access to Go Button's settings and provides links to more information, support, and help using Go Button.

Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner of the Home screen or the Show Player while in Edit mode to reveal the Sidebar panel.

The Sidebar

Shows and License

Tap Shows to return to the list of Shows.

Tap Unlock Go Button Pro to learn about the Pro License and, if you like, purchase it through an in-app purchase. Once you've made the purchase, or if you've upgraded from a previous purchase of Go Button 2 or earlier, this item will read Pro License. This item does not appear in Go Button Pro, naturally.

App Settings


Tap Preferences to customize the app-wide settings of your installation of Go Button.

  • Go Button Position. Choose the button position that best suits your workflow – left or right, top or bottom.
  • Go Button Trigger Mode. Choose whether the on screen Go button responds when you first press the button or when you release it. "Touch Up" lets you press to standby, and release to GO. "Touch Down" provides the quickest response time.
  • Second Player Button. Select whether the Pause or Stop button appears next to the Go button.
  • Media Waveform Images. Go Button renders and saves a waveform image for each audio file you've viewed while editing a Cue or Hit. You can check the amount of storage space being used for these images, and reset the image cache if you wish.
  • Debug Log Level. If you're experiencing trouble with Go Button and you contact support, we may ask you to adjust the log level to help gather debugging information. In general, though, the log level should be set to 0 while using Go Button during a performance.

New Cue Template

Choose the default settings to use for each newly created cue:

  • Volume and Pan
  • Playback Rate
  • Pre Wait time
  • Stop Others and With Fade Out Time value
  • Duck Others and Reduce Volumes By % value
  • Fade In Time
  • Cue Preset
  • Loop type and Number Of Loops value for fixed loops
  • Fade Out Time
  • Auto-follow and Post Wait Time -/+ value
  • Prevent GO Duration
  • Go Actions

Set Edit Lock Passcode

You can prevent unauthorized users from editing your Shows by setting a passcode. This passcode is unique to Go Button and unrelated to the passcode used for your device’s security settings.

When Edit Lock is activated, you are prompted to enter the passcode when attempting to enable Edit Mode. Entering the passcode temporarily bypasses the lock, giving authorized users the ability to make changes until you exit to the Home screen or relaunch Go Button. You can continue to bypass the lock as needed, or you can permanently disable the lock in the Sidebar.

Important: Edit Lock is not a bulletproof security scheme. It is simply meant to deter someone from casually or accidentally making changes your show. Anyone who reads this documentation can discover how to retrieve your passcode. Ultimately, this passcode cannot replace trust in the person operating your show.

Setting the Lock Passcode

  1. Tap the icon in the upper left corner of the Home screen to reveal the Sidebar.
  2. Tap Set Edit Lock Passcode.
  3. Enter a 4-digit passcode.
  4. Re-enter your passcode to confirm.

When the passcode is set, the Edit button will also show a lock icon.

Temporarily Bypassing the Lock

  1. When a lock icon is showing on the Edit button, tapping Edit will prompt you for the passcode.
  2. Enter your 4-digit passcode to bypass the lock, or tap Cancel to dismiss the prompt and leave the lock enabled.

Edit Lock remains bypassed until the next time you launch Go Button. To immediately re-enable Edit Lock, press your device’s Home button and then re-launch Go Button.

Disabling the Lock

  1. Tap the icon in the upper left corner of the Home screen to reveal the Sidebar.
  2. Tap Turn off Edit Lock.
  3. Enter your 4-digit passcode to permanently disable the lock.

Recovering a Forgotten Passcode

When you enable Edit Lock, your 4-digit passcode is written to a file named _PasscodeReminder.txt which is saved inside your Go Button Documents folder. Use the "Files" app (iOS 11+) or iTunes File Sharing to recover this file, and open it in any text editor to view your passcode.

Deleting _PasscodeReminder.txt does not bypass or disable the lock. Edit Lock can only be disabled by entering the correct passcode in the Sidebar.

Important: iOS 11 added a new app named "Files" which allows anyone to browse and view the contents of the Go Button "Documents" folder right on the device. As a result, you may wish to remove this "Files" app from your device to prevent unauthorized users from accessing and viewing the passcode reminder text file. (You can re-install "Files" again later via the App Store.) In addition, you can also prevent unauthorized users from reinstalling "Files" themselves by opening the iOS "Settings" app > General > Restrictions and disabling the "Installing Apps" option.

Configure Remote Control

Go Button is compatible with a number of third-party remote controls, which can be configured here.

Press any button on your remote when the tool is open. If the corresponding command is supported by Go Button, it will glow yellow. Tap on a command to assign which action is performed when Go Button receives that remote control command.

Now Playing

At the bottom of the Configure Remote Control screen, you can enable the "Send Now Playing Info" option. When enabled, Go Button broadcasts information about the currently-selected cue to compatible remote controls or other connected devices. These devices are then able to display details such as the Cue title and elapsed playback time when you are playing back your show.

Certain devices, such as Pebble Time smartwatches, may also require this option be enabled in order to use that device as a remote control for Go Button. If you do not have a device that uses the Now Playing information, you can safely leave this option disabled.


User Manual

View this User Manual on your device. (Online access required.)

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Ask question, send us your thoughts, or report an issue with Go Button.

Online User Forum

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