What's New In Go Button 3?

Try before you buy

Go Button is now free to use for one Show. You can buy a Pro license to unlock unlimited Shows with an in-app purchase. For individuals who cannot make use of in-app purchases, we also offer Go Button Pro as a separate app. Go Button Pro is identical to Go Button plus the in-app purchase.

Export entire Shows

You can now export a Show including its associated audio files in a single .gobundle document. (Note: iTunes Music library tracks must be synced separately.)


Send Shows wirelessly to another device or Mac via AirDrop, Mail, and Messages.

Cloudy with a chance of Go Button

Import audio files into your Go Button Documents folder from cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and Google Drive. Share copies of your complete Shows across the same services. (Note: Bundled shows include audio from your Go Button Documents folder only. iTunes Music library tracks must be synced separately.)

Full screen mode

A new full screen mode for iPad gives you easy-to-read, large text view. Great for seeing devices located offstage or far away.

Master volume control

Change the output volume of your Show on-screen independently from your device volume.


The new oops remote control action stops and re-selects the most recently played Cue.


Go Button has a full-fledged OSC control API for remote triggering from QLab or other OSC sources.

Contact Support

An all-new Contact Support tool gives you better in-app access to asking questions, getting help, providing feedback, and reporting bugs to Figure 53.

Cues and Hits

  • You can now increase the volume of a Cue or Hit by up to +12 dB.
  • You can adjust audio playback speed from 1/4x to 4x, with or without changing the pitch.
  • You can now set a pre-wait time to delay the start of any Cue or Hit.
  • Fade Out and Fade to Go Actions can now have custom fade durations.
  • Hits now support looping, multiple selection, and batch edit.
  • Hits are now available on all iOS devices, not just on iPad.

Show Settings

  • Double-Go protection: you can set an optional minimum time that must pass before allowing another Go.
  • Cue double-tap protection: you can optionally set Go Button to ignore double-taps on the cue list.
  • Continuous Show: you can optionally return to the first Cue of a Show after the last Cue starts playing.
  • Shows keep track of their Created and Last Modified dates.

General Improvements

  • The Go button is now resizable and is easier to use when performing visual cues: press & hold to standby, release to GO.
  • You can swipe left and right on the show timer to switch between elapsed time and wall clock time.
  • You can now long-press on elapsed show timer to reset to 0:00.
  • Go Button now has the option to send "Now Playing" information to display on compatible remote devices and apps.
  • The waveform view adds a draggable auto-follow indicator to visualize and set the post-wait time.
  • You can now use "Shake Device" as a remote control trigger.
  • You can now use Go Button on iPad in split-screen mode.
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