What Is Go Button?

Go Button is a professional sound cue playback app designed for live shows. It is a self-contained, audio show control system that runs on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Live shows often require carefully timed music and sound cues which need to play consistently at every performance. In the past, this task was often handled with CD players, iTunes, iPods, or other apps designed for casual music listening. Most of these methods fall short when it comes to the demands of live theatrical shows.

Go Button eliminates a number of common technical problems such as:

  • Playing the wrong track at the wrong time.
  • Accidentally allowing the next track on a CD to start too soon.
  • Unwanted volume differences between tracks.
  • Awkward track endings when graceful fade outs are needed.

Go Button lets you build an intelligent playlist of sound cues for your show using your own audio tracks. You determine in advance exactly how cue should play back. That way when it’s show time, all you need to think about is when to press Go.

Go Button can do things that other music players cannot do, like play more than one sound at the same time, fade sounds in and out, loop, auto-stop, duck the volume of other cues, and more. You can edit the settings of each cue individually to get every moment just right, like trimming out dead air or raising the volume of a single cue so it is level with all the others.

Instead of memorizing CD track numbers, you can name your cues with descriptive titles that display right on screen. On iPad, a large information panel also displays optional notes you can enter in your cues. You can store and communicate so much information about your show that you (and your sound tech) can be sure of a flawless performance every time.

Whether you are graduating from a CD player or cutting the cord to go mobile, Go Button gives you simple yet powerful control over your sound cues.

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