Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Symbols

Symbol Meaning

Default Key Map

Command Key
GO space
Panic All escape
Hard Stop All esc esc
Pause All [
Resume All ]
Preview V
Load Selected Cue L
Pause/Resume Selected Cues P
Panic Selected Cues S
Hard Stop Selected Cues SS
Edit Cue Number N
Edit Cue Name Q
Edit Cue Notes O
Edit Cue Target T
Edit Cue Pre-wait E
Edit Cue Action (duration) D
Edit Cue Post-wait W
Cycle Cue Continue Mode C
Flag/Unflag F

Menu Keyboard Shortcuts


Command Key
Hide QLab ⌘H
Hide Others ⌥⌘H
Quit QLab ⌘Q


Command Key
New Workspace ⌘N
New From Template ⇧⌘N
Open Workspace... ⌘O
Close ⌘W
Save ⌘S
Save As... ⇧⌘S


Command Key
Undo ⌘Z
Redo ⇧⌘Z
Cut ⌘X
Copy ⌘C
Paste ⌘V
Paste Cue Properties... ⇧⌘V
Paste and Match Style ⌥⇧⌘V
Delete ⌘⌫
Select All ⌘A
Find... ⌘F
Find Next ⌘G
Find Previous ⇧⌘G
Show Fonts ⌥⇧⌘T
Bigger ⌘+
Smaller ⌘-
Show Colors ⌥⇧⌘C
Copy Style ⌥⌘C
Paste Style ⌥⌘V


Note: You can reassign keyboard shortcuts for cues by re-arranging them in the toolbox.

Command Key
Group ⌘0
Audio ⌘1
Mic ⌘2
Video ⌘3
Camera ⌘4
Text ⌘5
Light ⌘6
Fade ⌘7
Network ⌘8


Command Key
Load to time... ⌘T
Renumber selected cues... ⌘R
Delete numbers of selected cues... ⌘D
Jump to cue... ⌘J
Jump to selected cue's target ⇧⌘J
Turn on/off live fade preview ⇧⌘P

When a Fade cue is selected, the following Tools are also available:

Command Key
Set Audio Levels From Target ⇧⌘T
Set Video Geometry From Target ⌃⌥⌘V
Revert Fade Action ⇧⌘R


Command Key
Enter/Exit Full Screen ⇧⌘F
Inspector ⌘I
Toolbox ⌘K
Lists / Carts & Active Cues ⌘L
Toggle Between Lists / Carts & Active Cues ⇧⌘L
Warnings ⌘B
Select Next Cue ⌘↓
Select Previous Cue ⌘↑
Move Playhead To Next Cue ⇧⌘↓
Move Playhead To Previous Cue ⇧⌘↑
Select Next Tab ⌘→
Select Previous Tab ⌘←
Enter Edit Mode ⇧⌘[
Enter Show Mode ⇧⌘]


Command Key
Minimize ⌘M
Workspace Settings ⌘,
Workspace Status ⇧⌘W
Audition Window ⇧⌘A
Override Controls ⇧⌘O
Light Dashboard ⇧⌘D
Light Patch ⇧⌘I

Other keyboard shortcuts

Command Key
Move Playback Position To Next Cue Sequence +
Move Playback Position To Previous Cue Sequence -
Expand all group cues >
Collapse all group cues <
Add slice at current time in waveform view M