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Go Button 3.2.1 Release Notes

February 4, 2019

FIXED: A bug when attempting to import files that would fail with the error "... couldn't be opened because you don't have permission to view it."

FIXED: A bug introduced in 3.2.0 when resuming from a "Fade Out / Pause Cue" go action that caused the next cue to become selected even if the cue had additional go actions to be triggered.

FIXED: A bug that prevented the on-screen keyboard from appearing in the "Renumber Cues" tool on certain iPad models in landscape.

FIXED: A display issue when the cue list width is very narrow.

FIXED: An issue where a Custom go action could have an invalid target when added to a newly-created cue.

FIXED: An issue that prevented a Custom go action from refreshing its display name after its target cue was renumbered or moved in the cue list.

FIXED: In Cue Edit, Custom go actions now display the default cue name when targeting cues that do not have a value set for the cue title.

FIXED: Several issues when batch editing cues that have Custom go actions.

FIXED: The navigation bar "Done" button is now properly enabled after bypassing the Edit Lock Passcode to enter Edit Mode in the player.

CHANGED: Refines the behavior of the on-screen keyboard Return key in edit screens so that the "Next" button does not mistakenly enable settings.

CHANGED: "Resize Mode" is now prevented (and the toolbar "target" button is disabled) when an Edit Lock Passcode is enabled.

CHANGED: When the Show Setting "Automatically Renumber Cues" is disabled, the "Renumber Cues" tool will now always use the full decimal precision of the "Starting Cue Number" as the basis for new cue numbers. For example, starting number "1" incremented by 1 will result in cue numbers "1", "2", 3", etc. while starting number "1.000" will result in cue numbers "1.000", "2.000", "3.000", etc. This can be useful to conform Go Button's cue numbering to match an MSC command source that has a fixed cue number format.

CHANGED: Installing a Predefined remote control profile now automatically activates that profile.

ADDED: On supported devices, sliders now provide haptic feedback when the knob snaps to a value, e.g. the Cue Edit volume knob snapping to 0 dB.