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QLab 3.0.21 Release Notes

July 16, 2014

FIXED: A crash that could occur when closing or switching workspace windows.

FIXED: An occasional crash when using camera cues with Blackmagic devices.

FIXED: The cue list should now scroll correctly to keep the current playhead visible.

FIXED: Timecode cues will no longer continue to transmit MTC if it was running when the workspace was closed.

FIXED: Restore the correct width of the cue list columns when a workspace is first opened.

FIXED: When playing back looping video cues, reset the elapsed time when the cue loops.

FIXED: De-vamping a video cue with a playback rate other than 1.0 now accounts for the playback rate.

FIXED: In the general workspace settings, the minimum go time and the panic time now handle international numeric formatting.

FIXED: A few other small bugs.