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QLab 3.1.1 Release Notes

August 21, 2014

If you are currently running a show on 3.0.x, we do not recommend updating that show to 3.1.

You can review the many new features added to 3.1 here: http://figure53.com/qlab/downloads/release-notes/3.1/

Changes for this version (3.1.1) are below:

FIXED: A crash when dragging a new video, camera, or titles cue from the cue bar.

FIXED: A problem that sometimes caused edge blends not to render in workspaces opened from disk.

FIXED: Bundled surface masks now correctly resolve by relative path.

FIXED: A bug that prevented pixel-accurate shutter adjustment.

FIXED: Positioning of control points loaded from 3.0.x workspaces.

FIXED: Undoing surface deletion now correctly restores assigned screens.

FIXED: Video cue anchor points are no longer constrained to the surface bounds when changing by dragging text fields.

FIXED: An issue that prevented draggable fields in the video cue inspector from dragging past �1000.

FIXED: A race condition that could cause fragmented warping if control points are dragged and released too quickly.

FIXED: Other small bug fixes.

CHANGED: Dragging the anchor point in the video cue preview now also changes translation so that the cue doesn't move.

ADDED: Changes to a running (or paused) cue's video surface or layer are immediately applied. This also fixes a bug that could leave a cue stuck on the previously selected surface.

ADDED: Surface editor zoom levels up to 400%.

ADDED: If the control and option keys are pressed while opening a workspace, the workspace will not auto-start any cues.