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QLab 3.1.14 Release Notes

September 8, 2015

FIXED: A bug that could cause an incorrect frame of video to flash at the end of a video cue slice.

FIXED: If the workspace name does not display the file extension (".cues") don't try to truncate the extension when bundling.

FIXED: Improve performance of certain AppleScript operations on workspaces with many nested group cues.

FIXED: When displaying a grid in the surface editor, accommodate long screen names and keep the center of the grid visible.

FIXED: A bug that could cause the playback position to revert to a previous cue when if the row was clicked with the mouse prior to triggering GO.

FIXED: Do not let the workspace window bump downwards when flipping it over to view the settings. (Previously this would happen if the window was too close to the menubar.)

FIXED: Undo/redo now works for the "name" fields in the OSC cue settings.

FIXED: Stop video and group cues immediately if they receive a "panic" command and are just counting down their pre-wait.

FIXED: Miscellaneous other small bugs.

CHANGED: If the "live text" of a titles cue has been changed, reset it when the cue is stopped.

ADDED: Restore the last-viewed cue list when opening a workspace.

ADDED: OSC messages can now be sent to broadcast IP addresses.

ADDED: If (and only if) an OSC message is sent to "localhost" on port 53000, that message will be delivered to QLab directly (without going through the network stack), which ensures the order of operations represented in the cue sequence. You can still go through the network stack via address

ADDED: AppleScript hook to set the selected cues of the workspace.

ADDED: AppleScript hook to access the "live text" of a titles cue. (Setting this value changes the text but does not mark the workspace as edited.)

ADDED: AppleScript hook to access the AppleScript script of a script cue, and to trigger compiling the script. Scriptability for the Script Cue! Automation for the Automation Throne!

ADDED: You can now right-click the license manager window to select an option to copy license data to the clipboard.

ADDED: A field at the bottom right corner of the surface editor to display the surface ID, which can be used in OSC commands.