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QLab 3.1.18 Release Notes

January 7, 2016

FIXED: Crash caused when audio hardware changed (e.g. when audio devices connected or disconnected).

FIXED: Audio Effects can again be added to Video cues.

FIXED: The active cue time scrubber now works again for cues that have an Audio Effect applied.

FIXED: Scaling video output on OS 10.11 has been restored to the same behavior as on 10.10.

FIXED: An issue where the last frame received from a Blackmagic input device was briefly visible when restarting a Camera cue.

FIXED: Stability improvements for the video cue settings.

FIXED: A Pro Video license now properly unlocks the ability to fade the playback rate of cues.

FIXED: QLab will attempt to restore audio device buffer sizes to the last-set values any time the audio hardware list changes.

FIXED: Loading a Start cue will no longer load its target cue if that cue is paused or already loaded.

FIXED: A freeze resulting from particularly complex sets of nested group cues.

ADDED: AppleScript hooks for the "patch" and "rate" properties of MIDI File cues.

ADDED: OSC method for the "fixedWidth" property of a Titles cue.