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QLab 3.1.19 Release Notes

February 12, 2016

FIXED: A significant security vulnerability in the framework QLab uses to check for updates.

FIXED: A significant memory leak.

FIXED: A bug when syncing to incoming LTC that could cause QLab to freeze and become unresponsive.

FIXED: Certain edits to cues that use audio effects will no longer cause the cues to pause; instead they will now continue playing.

FIXED: Now include the rate when clicking the "Set Audio Effects from Target" button in a Fade cue.

FIXED: The liveFadePreview AppleScript hook.

FIXED: Don't allow the AppleScript text editor to perform "helpful" character substitutions, which could break scripts.

FIXED: Make the Script cue's default script source actually, you know, work. (And philosophizing to ourselves about what it means that it seems no one had even tried using this feature for almost three years. Thanks Rich Walsh for the catch!)

FIXED: A small bug that could cause the timecode display window to not work in some circumstances.

ADDED: Keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting video geometry in a Fade cue (Control-Option-Command C and Control-Option-Command V).

ADDED: When clicking the "armed" checkbox for a Group cue in the inspector, QLab will warn you if the group contains a mix of armed and disarmed cues.

ADDED: Row/column tooltips to each entry in an audio crosspoint matrix, to clarify which is which.

ADDED: You can now zoom in farther on the audio waveform.

ADDED: Script cue settings now include whether new script cues are set to run in a separate process.

ADDED: Show "Multiple Cues Selected" in the inspector if, you guessed it, multiple cues are selected.