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QLab 3.1.23 Release Notes

April 22, 2016

FIXED: Require a pro license to sync to incoming timecode. (If you are using incoming timecode without a license you will need to purchase or rent a license; apologies for this accidental oversight.)

FIXED: Worked around an issue that would cause the mouse to behave erratically when using Waves Audio Unit plugins.

FIXED: Use monospaced digits for time displays to fix the "jumping time" display bug in recent versions of OS X.

FIXED: Camera cues using Syphon inputs will no longer cause QLab to freeze when a video effect is added.

FIXED: Allow adding a single display to an empty video surface, even without a pro license.

FIXED: A bug with "revert to saved" that could cause old cues to remain active until a change was made to the workspace.

FIXED: Any text fields that are being edited will now be committed prior to saving a workspace or closing the audio patch editor.

FIXED: In the video surface editor, perform hit test on control points for the currently selected surface before those of any other surface.

FIXED: OSC messages sent to an IPv4 broadcast address will no longer be received twice.

FIXED: You can now send OSC messages to "localhost" when the workspace has a passcode.

FIXED: A bug that prevented the load-to-time slider from working correctly with group cues set to "start first child and go to next cue" that also had a pre-wait.

FIXED: An issue with devamping Video cues that could cause the video playback to not match the audio playback.

FIXED: Fix draggable text fields in the Fade cue's geometry tab so they aren't limited to +/-1000.

FIXED: You can no longer set a continue mode for cues that are contained in a "start all" group.

FIXED: Redraw the audio waveform at least once a second when reading in audio file data.

FIXED: You can now undo/redo changes to the UDP string of an OSC cue.

FIXED: Prevent QLab from entering an alternate dimension if you viewed the settings while in full screen mode and then tried to exit full screen mode.

FIXED: A few small memory leaks.

CHANGED: For security reasons, the OSC method to access the scriptSource of a Script cue is now read-only.

CHANGED: QLab will no longer close the surface editor if you hit the escape key while it is open.

ADDED: A button in the Fade cue "Levels" and "Geometry" tabs for the "live preview" option.

ADDED: startAndAutoloadNext OSC method to cues, so that you can start a cue and auto-load the next cue sequence that follows it.