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QLab 3.1.3 Release Notes

September 30, 2014

If you are currently running a show on 3.0.x, we do not recommend updating that show to 3.1.

You can review the many new features added to 3.1 here: http://figure53.com/qlab/downloads/release-notes/3.1/

Changes for this version (3.1.3) are below:

FIXED: An issue that could cause surfaces to disappear from a workspace when closing or editing a bundled copy of the same workspace.

FIXED: DeckLink output display mode is now properly saved and restored with the workspace.

FIXED: DeckLink input and output on the same device can now be used at different times in the same workspace (though not simultaneously, because DeckLink hardware is not full-duplex).

FIXED: A condition in which fading video effects could lead to a crash.

FIXED: A bug that could cause devamp cues to fail to trigger the next cue if they were interrupted by other CPU processing near the time of the devamp.

FIXED: Stopping a script cue running in a separate process works correctly now (does not require a full panic to stop the script).

FIXED: Remove highlighted rows from find operation when closing the find bar with the keyboard shortcut.

FIXED: Miscellaneous other small bugs.

ADDED: When opening or closing all group cues with the key shortcuts < and >, ensure the selected cue is visible in the cue list.

ADDED: A message telling you that you'll need to relaunch if you install a license while in demo mode.