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QLab 3.1.4 Release Notes

October 10, 2014

If you are currently running a show on 3.0.x, we do not recommend updating that show to 3.1.

You can review the many new features added to 3.1 here: http://figure53.com/qlab/downloads/release-notes/3.1/

Changes for this version (3.1.4) are below:

FIXED: Compatibility with OS 10.10 Yosemite.

FIXED: An issue that could cause QLab to render a white screen the first time video began to play.

FIXED: An issue that would cause video animations to stutter if QLab had heavy processing on the main thread.

FIXED: An issue that could cause surfaces to disappear from a workspace when closing a bundled copy of the same workspace.

FIXED: Don't reset cues to their initial state when scrubbing them via the active cues or the waveform view.

FIXED: Dragging cues from one open workspace to another now works.

FIXED: Surfaces are no longer mirrored between normal rendering and the Audition window, so cues can be auditioned while other cues are active on the same surface.

FIXED: An issue where opening the Audition window would freeze Syphon-only output.

FIXED: All cues in the workspace are now stopped when the workspace window is closed.

ADDED: A warning message to confirm you want to close the window if cues are currently active in the workspace.

ADDED: Allow workspaces to be addressed by their display name in OSC messages. Note that not all valid workspace names are valid OSC method names, so you can't address documents that have certain characters in their name (this includes spaces, diacritical marks, etc). An example of the new addressing syntax is: /workspace/test.cues/go

ADDED: The video surface editor's zoom level is now represented and controlled by a popup button, in addition to the existing ⌘+ and ⌘- keyboard shortcuts.