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QLab 3.1.6 Release Notes

November 17, 2014

FIXED: An error that could cause the geometry tab of the video inspector to fail to be drawn.

FIXED: Reset certain cue state on stop rather than just on load, to allow fade cues to be ordered more loosely in a workspace.

FIXED: Bugs related to multi-channel audio effects on mic outputs.

FIXED: Blackmagic camera sources are now set to the saved display mode when opening a workspace.

FIXED: Some errors related to certain characters in file names when bundling.

FIXED: Compute audio waveforms on a background thread to prevent hogging the main thread.

FIXED: A long-standing bug where the "A" key could not be used as a cue hotkey if a workspace hotkey was empty.

FIXED: Several license-related bug fixes.

ADDED: All numeric cue properties set via OSC now support increment/decrement syntax. e.g. "/cue/1/duration/+ 1" or "/cue/20/preWait/- 2.5"

ADDED: Right-click on audio waveform to open the target file in an external editor.