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QLab 3.1.8 Release Notes

February 12, 2015

FIXED: Prevent a workspace from being bundled on top of itself.

FIXED: Paused fade cues will now restart where they left off.

FIXED: A bug where recent edits to an AU effect in the audio patch editor would be lost if another effect was added or deleted.

FIXED: You can now edit AU effects in the patch editor even if there are no cues in the workspace.

FIXED: Some bugs related to Blackmagic output devices.

FIXED: A case where parsing an AppleScript for errors could lead to a crash.

FIXED: Setting notes via AppleScript now uses the proper default text style.

FIXED: A bug that prevented typing into the Origin fields in the video surface editor.

FIXED: Moving between audio level fields will now keep the currently selected field visible.

FIXED: Miscellaneous other bugs.

CHANGED: Triggering a devamp cue that starts the next cue now always does that, whether or not the target is running. Previously, if the target was not running, the devamp did nothing. Now, if the target is not running, the devamp cue will immediately start the next cue.

CHANGED: Default MIDI Cue is now note on number 60 velocity 64, since the previous default of velocity 0 can be interpreted as a note off.

ADDED: Live fade preview can now be turned on and off via shift-command-P (in the Tools menu)

ADDED: Shift-Command-J will now jump to the selected cue's target cue.

ADDED: Keyboard shortcuts to move the playhead, which is useful if the selection and playhead are not locked together.

ADDED: AppleScript hook to query a workspace's ID.

ADDED: AppleScript hook to access text of Titles Cue (plain text only).

ADDED: AppleScript hook for useHotKey.

ADDED: AppleScript hook for getting and setting the playback rate of audio and video cues.

ADDED: OSC commands to get and set boolean values for items previously only accessible as toggles:

/auditionWindow {number} - queries or sets the visibility of the audition window
/workspace/{id}/fullScreen {number} - queries or sets whether the workspace is full screen
/workspace/{id}/selectionIsPlayhead {number} - queries or sets whether the playhead is locked to the selection
/workspace/{id}/showMode {number} - queries or sets whether the workspace is in show mode
/workspace/{id}/liveFadePreview {number} - queries or sets whether the workspace has live fade previews enabled

ADDED: OSC command to get or set the mode of group cues: /cue/{id}/mode {1, 2, 3, 4}

ADDED: OSC command to renumber selected cues: /workspace/{id}/renumber startAt incrementBy