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QLab 3.2.3 Release Notes

November 28, 2016

Changes in Version 3.2.3

FIXED: A bug that prevented Camera cues from rendering.

FIXED: An issue that caused Disarm cues to report erroneously as needing a license.

FIXED: A case where licenses might not properly unlock features.

FIXED: Old-style file-based rental licenses will now be listed in the licenses window on OS 10.8.

FIXED: Changing a MIDI File output patch will now immediately update MIDI File cues to use the new output device.

Changes in Version 3.2.2

FIXED: A bug that prevented editing the audio device routing of workspaces saved in v3.1.x.

FIXED: A regression introduced in QLab 3.1.24 which would cause videos to briefly glitch when a video cue was stopped.

FIXED: The new licensing system now works when running on Mac OS 10.8.

Changes in Version 3.2.1

FIXED: A bug that prevented an Audio license from properly unlocking all audio features.

FIXED: A bug that prevented login links from launching the correct version of QLab, if both v3 and v4 are on the same system.

Changes in Version 3.2

ADDED: Support for using new v4-style license management — you may now log in to your Figure 53 Account and install v4 licenses to unlock corresponding v3 features. (The older file-based license system also remains available for v3.)

FIXED: A crash that could occur when setting a fade cue's target to an audio or mic cue while the geometry or video effects tabs were active.

FIXED: A crash that could occur when rendering video in some instances.

FIXED: A bug introduced in 3.1.24 that prevented proper rendering of Quartz effects on Syphon camera inputs.

FIXED: A bug introduced in 3.1.24 that caused paused video cues with no audio track to jump ahead when resumed.

FIXED: A bug that interfered with reordering audio effects.

FIXED: AppleScript for Devamp cue properties now works correctly.