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QLab 4.0.3 Release Notes

December 1, 2016

Changes in Version 4.0.3

FIXED: If you specify a duration for still image video cues or text cues, that duration is now properly saved and restored.

FIXED: A bug that could cause QLab to quit unexpectedly when stopping a Syphon camera cue with video effects.

FIXED: An issue that could cause a flash of 100% opacity at the end of a video fade-out.

FIXED: Several bugs in “paste cue properties” aka “fancy paste”.

FIXED: Cues created via dragging from the left toolbox or the cue bar will now honor be created from the workspace cue templates.

FIXED: Light cues created via the dashboard will now honor the Light cue template for the workspace (except with the light commands specified by the dashboard).

FIXED: Licensing: Resolved a race condition where installed licenses might not be properly recognized at launch.

FIXED: Licensing: QLab will now try harder to save license data to disk, and will warn you if it is unsuccessful.

FIXED: Licensing: Timecode triggers will now be properly unlocked for any license type.

FIXED: Licensing: If you cancel the login process that was triggered due to requesting to remove a license, QLab will not then attempt to remove the license.

ADDED: QLab will now share the Art-Net port with other applications running on the same computer, if those other applications also share it. (If you take advantage of this, be sure to set QLab to use broadcast mode for Art-Net in the QLab application preferences.)

Changes in Version 4.0.2

FIXED: A case where licenses might not properly unlock features.

FIXED: Prevent light instruments from being named “all”; that name is reserved for groups.

FIXED: A regression introduced in QLab 3.1.24 which would cause videos to briefly glitch when video cue was stopped.

FIXED: Changing a MIDI File output patch will now immediately update MIDI File cues to use the new output device.

Changes in Version 4.0.1

FIXED: Several bugs with the new license system, for example that required a license for features that were intended to be free, or didn’t flag cues as broken that needed a license to function, etc.

FIXED: Don’t hard-stop a group cue (including cue lists or carts) if it is triggered when one of the cues inside it is panicking or tailing out.

FIXED: A bug that caused notes in the top notes field to wrap to a new line too soon.

FIXED: A small bug with the inspector when multiple cues were selected.