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QLab 4.0.7 Release Notes

February 24, 2017

FIXED: A crash that occurred when selecting “Music” in the macOS file chooser dialog.

FIXED: A crash that can occur when receiving incoming timecode.

FIXED: Several memory leaks during video playback.

FIXED: You can again add a slice prior to the last existing slice in the audio waveform.

FIXED: Stopping a Fade cue will no longer leave it in a state where it shows the time it stopped as its new duration.

FIXED: A bug that could cause new Light cues created from the dashboard to have commands listed in the wrong order, and thus produce incorrect output.

FIXED: A bug that could corrupt the lighting commands in a light cue when they were deleted using the GUI. (e.g. the pressing the X to delete a light command slider).

FIXED: Setting the MIDI trigger status type on a cue via AppleScript will no longer lead to a crash.

FIXED: Text field changes are now committed when toggling the "Assign Gangs" button in the Fade cue inspector.

FIXED: Fading OSC values using floating point values will now work in locations where a comma (,) is used as the decimal mark.

FIXED: Fixed bugs and clarified behavior around renting a 1-day license at the end of a calendar day.

ADDED: More information about pre-wait and post-wait times in the active cue rows.

ADDED: When fading over OSC float values, QLab will now send out 6 decimal places for each value rather than 3.

ADDED: Timecode cues now display the start time for the default cue name.

ADDED: A "video fade mode" AppleScript property used to set the absolute/relative fade mode in the Geometry tab of Fade cues.

ADDED: Tinted background for the levels tab when “Assign Gangs” is enabled, to make it more clear when that mode is turned on.

ADDED: Hotkey triggers that use numeric keypad keystrokes are now distinguished in the Inspector with the prefix "NUM".