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QLab 4.0.8 Release Notes

March 23, 2017

FIXED: A bug that could cause QLab to crash when auto-reloading updated video files.

FIXED: A bug that could cause QLab to crash when editing video surfaces.

FIXED: An issue that could cause some Video cues to render with a half-pixel offset.

FIXED: Light instruments with overlapping addresses across different DMX universes are now handled properly.

FIXED: Timecode cues can now address channels above 48 (now up to the correct maximum of 64).

FIXED: The `/liveAverageLevel` OSC command for the Video cue.

FIXED: A bug when creating wall clock triggers for the 12:00pm-12:59:59pm hour in PM mode.

FIXED: Zooming in or out of the waveform view will now draw the integrated fade envelope correctly if it is locked to the start/end times of the cue.

FIXED: Enabled support for the ProRes 4444 XQ video codec.

FIXED: Turn off those dang-blasted window tabs Apple saw fit to enable by default in Sierra or later.

CHANGED: The Fade cue tool menu items for “Set Audio Levels from Target” and “Set Video Geometry from Target” have been changed back to their old behavior of directly setting the properties rather than doing it via the Fancy Paste mechanism. (However the UI button “Set from Target” still brings up the Fancy Paste mechanism.)