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QLab 4.0.9 Release Notes

March 31, 2017

FIXED: A regression that caused audio that should tail out (e.g. reverb) to stop abruptly when the cue was stopped.

FIXED: An issue where stopping one Video cue could cause other running video cues to stutter.

FIXED: Stopping multiple Video cues at once should now happen much faster, so that the video cues all stop at the same time.

FIXED: A rendering error when showing Video cues on a full surface without preserving aspect ratio.

FIXED: Worked around a bug in macOS that would cause video cues to play on an incorrect screen if QLab was explicitly assigned to a specific macOS Desktop.

FIXED: Ensure the audio waveform view is drawn when re-opening the inspector.

FIXED: The MIDI feedback channel for light controls is now saved and restored properly.

FIXED: Actually filter out light control MIDI messages that don’t pass the workspace’s MIDI input channel filter.