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QLab 4.0 Release Notes

November 16, 2016

Announcing QLab 4


ADDED: Light Cue.


ADDED: Cue carts.

ADDED: Record sequence tool.

ADDED: Highlight related cues mode.

ADDED: “Paste cue properties” aka “fancy paste”.

ADDED: Cue templates.

ADDED: Support for many new remote editing features when using the new version of QLab Remote.

ADDED: Status window, which includes: warnings, logging tool, Art-Net node list, general info.

ADDED: Hotkey for editing cue notes.

ADDED: Trigger option: fade and stop peers/list/all cues with customizable fade time.

ADDED: Trigger option: duck/boost volume of other cues in list/cart to given volume level over given time.

ADDED: Trigger option: second trigger actions, performed when a running cue is triggered a second time.

ADDED: Trigger option: "perform second trigger on release" for Hotkey, MIDI Note, or cart button triggers.

ADDED: Batch edit in the inspector for the following tabs: Basics, Triggers, Light Cue Levels.

ADDED: Support for negative post-wait times, to indicate triggering the next cue "this many seconds before the current one ends”.

ADDED: Network cue (formerly “OSC cue”) can inject the outgoing message with the current value of (almost) anything in QLab that you can query via OSC.

ADDED: Network cue OSC messages can be given a duration, over which they re-send their message.

ADDED: Network cue OSC messages can now be faded over a series of values — both 1D and 2D fades.

ADDED: Network cues can now be directed to a specific network interface.

ADDED: Customizable OSC reply formats when using the OSC API.

ADDED: Group cues in “random” mode now operate in a round-robin manner, where all cues will be triggered before a new round of random cues begins.

ADDED: Group cues that "start all children" now inherit the duration of their longest child.

ADDED: Parametric fade curve. (By default, produces equal power audio fade when fading through linear audio domain.)

ADDED: Control of which domain is used for audio level fades: slider, decibel, or linear.

ADDED: Option to trigger cue on workspace close, in addition to workspace open

ADDED: Application preference for what to do on launch:

  • restore most recent workspaces
  • create a new blank workspace
  • create a new workspace from default template
  • show the workspace template picker
  • do nothing

ADDED: Enhancements to global overrides:

  • global input/output overrides can now be set by type of message
  • new OSC/AppleScript hooks for each override
  • any cue affected by an override will show a red override status image
  • a warning now appears in the workspace footer for input or Art-Net overrides

ADDED: Export broken cues and warnings list as text (via copy to clipboard).

ADDED: Visible red flash around go button if double-go protection is invoked.

ADDED: Hold down shift key to insert new cues before instead of after selection.

ADDED: Temporary duration ("tempDuration") for all cues where editing duration is allowed - accessible via AppleScript and OSC.

ADDED: A ”currentDuration" read-only property (AppleScript and OSC) that returns the current duration of the cue, accounting for any tempDuration that has been set.

ADDED: Many new OSC API hooks, and a new special address to talk to "active" (running or paused) cues


ADDED: Support for up to 64 audio output channels (up from 48).

ADDED: Minimum slice time has been reduced to 0.05 seconds (down from 0.1).

ADDED: The integrated fade envelope can now be locked to the start/end time of the cue instead of the file.

ADDED: Mic cues can now use specific channels of the input device.

ADDED: Audio cues watch their target files for changes and update automatically.

ADDED: Duck/boost volume of other cues in list/cart to given volume level over given time.


ADDED: Editable durations for still image Video cues and Text cues.

ADDED: Copy/paste surface geometry in video settings.

ADDED: Video facets are now anchored to their center points when they change size.

ADDED: Improved color accuracy of video cues and effects.

ADDED: Basic support for using files that use the Hap video codec.